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Jesus said, "Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you..." Mark 5:19 (NIV)

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A few weeks ago, after service, I was visiting with a college student. She was telling me that she was in need of a job ASAP. We prayed together and she got a job THAT. VERY. DAY! Which was amazing, since it was a Sunday. Our God is amazing. He hears our prayers and provides everything we need.

Submitted by | Kate Posthuma

June 2, 2016


My husband and I had been married not quite a year when we decided to buy a house. We were so excited to start shopping for our first place to call home! Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am a planner. So, of course, we had all of our ducks in a row; we were prequalified for a loan with a reputable bank and had done a fair amount of research on what options were best for our situation. Not too long into our search, we found a house in the right location, at the right price, sitting on 10-acres. Perfect for our family (and my horses)! Sadly, our realtor informed us that the house required special financing because it was a manufactured home that had been moved from its original location - our FHA loan would not work. But after talking with our loan officer at the bank, he said the loan WOULD work after all! And so we proceeded with the inspection and appraisal, all coming back with wonderful results. BUT then the loan went off to the underwriters, who responded with a denial due to the issues we had already informed our loan officer of. We were beyond frustrated. Nearly $1,000 had been paid out of pocket for the process, and the future did not look bright.

After a desperate search for financing, we discovered a local bank that said they could cover the loan! But, we would need a 10% downpayment instead of the 3% we would have needed on the first loan. How were we going to come up with nearly $10,000? And then my husband, Nick, came up with the idea to sell our truck and use the profit for the downpayment. It sold within a week or two - at full asking price! What an answer to prayer. The new bank was able to process the loan, and in the end it was the greatest blessing. Our monthly mortgage was the SAME as the first loan offer, but instead of a 30-year mortgage, this loan was 15-year mortgage. How amazing is that?? No matter how frustrating life becomes, have faith that His plan is the BEST plan!! 

Submitted by | Maria Fell

June 1, 2016


May 2007, I was on a flight from Anchorage AK to Spokane WA for an interview for a job at Fairchild Air Force Base. I had a layover in Seattle WA for about hour. Boarded my flight and I was sitting next to a clean cut guy about late 20's early 30's I was sitting in the aisle and he was next to the window. The small talk began and I realized the woman in front of me was his wife. I asked if she would like to switch and she politely declined because they were on their way back from a mission trip and she needed a break. They were both laughing about it and I learned it was an inside joke between the two of them. I told him a little bit of my story and he began to tell me his. He is a youth pastor in Pullman WA and was a fun person to talk to. Well, I like to chat too so the chatting began. I asked him "Can I ask you a question?" He replied "Yes" "Why are there so many denominations today, I mean when Jesus was around everyone went to the same church." I will never forget his answer "Pride!" and he began to explain his answer with the book of Ecclesiastes (I think) and that 45 min flight was gone in a flash. The plane landed and we got off the plane. I thanked him for the words of wisdom and he thanked me for sitting next to him. I walked to baggage claim and was standing there waiting for my bag and the youth pastor came up to me and said, "Jim, can I pray for you?" I said, "Yes" He put his hand on my shoulder and the Holy Spirit took over. He wrapped up his prayer with me by saying, "… Lord, if this is not the place for Jim and his family or this job is not the one for him, use him for Your glory and place him where you want him, in your precious Son's name I pray, Amen." The part that I really want to share is: that moment during that prayer I knew right there standing in the airport with all kinds of people around us, that this was where God wanted us. 

Submitted by | Jim Gwin

May 31, 2016


In February of 2014 I crashed my moms car, the only car our family had. It was a miracle in a couple of different ways. Firstly because I wasn't hurt at all. It was stressful yes, but no physical injuries. Then at church the next Sunday, Pastor Mark had all of the life team members stand in front of the church and had them pray for people who needed some prayer. I was like, yeah, I could use some prayer. So I went up and had someone pray for me and they prayed for the money to either fix the broken car, or enough money to buy a new one. After a week or two, the insurance company gave us plenty more than the car was worth. This allowed us to keep the car, fix it, and also have some money left over for when it had problems down the road. God really showed up in this instant. It's really cool because I turned on the radio while I was waiting for my mom to show up and the song that was playing, although static, was Oceans by Hillsong. This encouraged me to fully trust God while I could almost feel the water around me getting deeper. He then rescued me through the storm and blessed my family more than imaginable.

Submitted by | Jacob Hobbs

May 17, 2016